Building custom XAML control panels

One of my favorite XAML Control primitives is the Panel class. It's what drives Grid, StackPanel, Canvas and many many other controls that contains a set of other controls, and controls layout the children out in the view.

So in my second twitch stream, I walked through creating a custom panel that lays out controls in a grid-like manner, without having to do all the row and column definitions. It mainly focuses on the Arrange and Measure steps in the layout life-cycle, which applies to both WPF, UWP and WinUI (or even Silverlight for that matter ;-). And just for fun I used the latest WinUI 3.0 Alpha release (but it really doesn't matter as the concepts are the exact same - only namespaces differs). 

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Building your own version of WPF - Live edition

As a follow-up to my blogpost on compiling WPF back when it was still in preview, I tried something new: Live-streamed cloning, compiling and using a local build of WPF in a new app, and make some (evil) modifications to WPF. Even got to submit a PR to the WPF documentation while going though this.

I've been inspired a lot be many others who've started to live-code on Twitch. It's quite interesting to see their thought process and approaches to solving problems - things you never see in a polished 45min conference presentation where everything is prepped and (hopefully) nothing goes wrong. There's quite a lot to learn from seeing people using tools, shortcuts, tricks and tips to solve their problems.

This was a surprising amount of fun, and I'll definitely be doing this again (and hopefully fix some of the issues I had doing this live). I'm prepping some various level 200-400 topics on XAML development, like custom panel and control development, and hope you'll join me. All of these concepts will apply to both WPF, UWP and WinUI, but I figured let's live dangerously and use the latest WinUI Alpha (and we'll log any issues we find as we go).

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Here's the recording from yesterday. Feedback and suggestions, as well as ideas for topics to cover would be highly appreciated.